Where do I begin….. I am 44 years old and I felt like I was 150 years old!

I was bloated and gassy all the time.
May 30, 2017
I no longer vomit during menstruation!
May 30, 2017


I had NO energy, even with 8-10 cups of coffee every day, taking 2-3 hour naps and sleeping more than 8 hours a night.

Every joint in my body ACHED. I was taking 1000mg of an anti-inflammatory a day and still had pain and stiffness in all of my joints and muscles. Some days I even needed help getting out of bed.

I had memory loss and couldn’t remember things like how to get to my friend’s house and conversations with my husband. I thought I must be gravely ill. I did see a medical professional and had lots of tests done, but according to them I had nothing wrong with me.

And then one day, I was eavesdropping while at the chiropractor’s office. I heard about Alternative Health, Inc. and how it had changed people’s lives. So I looked them up on the internet and made a phone call.

I met with John and he recommended I go on a 60-day Candida detox. 60 days later.. I have soooo much energy and I have not had ANY caffeine. My nieces affectionately referred to me as Auntie Coffee because I never went anywhere without coffee. Now, they said they need to think of a new nickname for me.

My joint pain is almost completely gone and I can get out of bed without needing help! Also, I have lost 20lbs of body fat and became 27 inches smaller around my whole body!! I came here for the pain I was in but the weight loss was a great added bonus.

Thank you to Alternative Health, Inc. for GIVING me my life back!!!

February 10, 2017

Dawn Scott



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