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January 16, 2019
Is your DHEA level taking you “Over-the-Hill”?
June 20, 2019

The M’lis Probiotic is scientifically formulated so that it opens up after the juncture of the common bile duct, which means the probiotics implant EXACTLY where we need them to go, in the gut!
✅ Doctor formulated using science
✅ 10 billion units of the most critical Probiotic Strains
✅ Enterically coated to survive digestion
✅ Nanoencapsulated to be shelf stable
✅ Herbally optimized to create a healthy gut environment for probiotics to implant

We want you to be successful and actually make a difference in changing your health.

Let us help you love yourself well. ♥️

M’Lis Probiotic – Synergized Acidophilus

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