Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Programs

We have scientific proof that the physical and mental attributes and capabilities of a child are pre-determined by the heredity-carrying genes in male spermatozoa and female ovum. In human beings, this law of heredity can be modified or accentuated by the conscious and determined efforts of both mother and father.

Men and women are under constant siege by
environmental and nutritional adversaries.

Every prospective couple's goal should be to give their new child a great start in life by making sure that the child's body and mind are free from in-born illness and imperfections and that their child will be equipped with built-in resistance to disease and to the constantly increasing amount of environmental stress.

A simple health-promoting lifestyle, a diet of unprocessed, whole natural foods, physical exercise and emotional well-being results in the birth of beautiful healthy babies and builds strong resistance to disease; while a diet of processed, canned "convenience" foods with sugar and refined flour products, inactivity, and high stress can result in sickly, malformed, defective children who grow into adults prone to disease.

It is becoming more and more evident, supported by overwhelming research, that a child will "inherit" the quality of health that the child's parents have been preparing for that child, during their lifetime, during pre-pre natal, pre-natal, infant care and during his childhood.

This is a couple program designed to give your baby the healthiest start possible.