I would lose weight then gain it back..

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October 3, 2018
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November 1, 2018

Mary Ellen                                                                                                                        Goshen, CT

I was a person who would loose weight for a small period of time and eventually gain it back again, this would happen over and over again. During this process I would feel frustrated and angry with myself, I felt like I had an addiction to sugar and that I wasn’t going to be able to change. I wanted help so that my body could stop the constant gain and lose of weight and settle with a healthy weight for myself.  So after I heard John tell his story and talk about the wellness programs I decided to make an appointment to hear more about the programs and how it could benefit me.

Once I attended my first appointment with John I signed up for a three month wellness program to start the journey of changing my health and lifestyle. The first month of the program was difficult and new but I enjoyed the fact that I was told exactly which foods I could not eat and which foods I could, I was given a list of the candida friendly foods and between healthy eating and lots of water I found that I didn’t feel so hungry anymore.  I also really enjoyed the supplements that I was taking because of the change I was noticing in myself from taking them I did not have anymore sugar cravings. After the first month I had lost ten pounds and my energy levels had increased. I was starting to feel a lot better about myself and my health.

All of the staff at Alternative Health was very supportive and informative. I had always felt like they cared about how I was doing. Through the staff and program I learned a lot about nutrition and discovered some truths I never realized about eating and food, especially vegetables. I truly believe that this wellness program can give you the self-confidence and pride in yourself.

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