I was so happy and relieved that this nightmare was over!

Why Am I Overweight And Tired?
August 11, 2016
I have my energy back and feel healthier than when I was in my 20’s
October 26, 2016

I came to Alternative Health in August of 2014, after seeing their ad in Natural Awakenings magazine. I was overweight, tired, had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. After 3 months on a wellness program I lost 25 pounds of body fat. I loved the weight loss and learned to love the contour body wraps, too. The massages were very relaxing.

My symptoms decreased. After 6 months I came off the high blood pressure prescription I was on. My energy increased and I joined a gym and started walking every day! I received daily support and lots of encouragement from the Alternative Health staff.

In May of 2015 I decided to do another program because I felt I was not progressing with my weight loss. I continued to come in for Body Wraps and Footbaths to detoxify my body and I lost more body fat.

In October 2015 I was hit with the news that I had breast cancer. I was shocked. I decided not to do chemotherapy or radiation, for I had already been down that road before and knew it wasn’t for me. I made an appointment to meet with John and went on a 3 month immune rebuilding program which was very intense. I juiced fresh veggies and fruit every day for what seemed to be the longest time. I took supplements to continue to detoxify my body and support my immune system. I stayed clear of processed sugars and saturated fats. Staying positive was the key. John, Patty and Jill continued to support me the whole time.

Three months later my doctor told me I was cancer free. I couldn’t believe it but knew that with hard work and dedication that anything was possible. I was so happy and relieved that this nightmare was over.

The journey to wellness doesn’t end there. I have been able to maintain a cancer free life for almost a year , by keeping up with my quarterly cleanses, maintaining a healthy diet with exercise and by coming in for the detoxifying services that Alternative Health has to offer. Although this was a challenge, ANYTHING is possible if you believe.

Having a positive attitude and knowing that mind and body must work together for long term success is very important. This was worth every penny. You only have 1 life, so you better take care of it.

Southwick, MA


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