My energy levels greatly increased!
October 26, 2016
I was feeling bloated and had difficulty losing weight
October 26, 2016

I met John and Patty at the CT Women’s Expo on September 8, 2014. I scheduled a consultation at their office on September 10, 2014. I was tired, depressed, allergies, digestive issues, on cholesterol meds and gaining weight. John spent a lot of time with me asking about my health history and how I feel. He told me I had a virus called Candida and recommended a 1 month program to eradicate the virus from my immune system. I started the program 2 weeks later. At the end of those 30 days, my fatigue was gone along with the allergies, digestive issues and depression. And I lost 8 pounds of body fat. I wanted to lose more, so I continued on a modified wellness program for another 2 months. I lost another 10 pounds of body fat and my cholesterol went from 257 to 187! I feel like super woman! I received excellent support from the staff and have learned so much about nutrition and how to maintain this new healthy lifestyle. I say to others that this is the best investment I ever made!


West Haven, CT

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