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December 10, 2019
A message from John – Immune boosting
April 8, 2020

A conversation about the Corona Virus with my mentor, Linda T. Nelson, PhD.

Me: What is your opinion about the corona virus?

Dr Nelson: Hopefully most of those we have worked with know how to keep their immune systems strong.
Everyone should be doing 100 percent nutrition with the M'lis Daily, Vitamin D, and Vital,
I am also adding the detox packs in the Total Body Cleanse 7 day cleanse. People at risk are those with compromised immune systems.
I am more concerned with the economic crisis that mass hysteria causes.

Me: When you say you’re adding the detox packs in a seven day cleanse, are you saying you’re taking those every day. Even when you’re not detoxing?
Also do you recommend that people do detox during this period?

Dr. Nelson:  I am adding them everyday. I very often take detox herbs on a daily basis particularly if I am traveling.
Sometimes  I increase detox herbs up to 10 a day depending on where I am going.
Doing a really good detox now would be a great idea. I also am doing foot baths every couple of days.
A strong immune system is I think the only viral combatant. 

Me: I am in the middle of a candida program right now

Dr. Nelson: Perfect!!!!  Stay healthy.

Me:  You too

If you are currently on a structured program with Alternative Health,
you are doing the best you can possibly do for your health.
If you have postponed detoxing for a while,
NOW is the time to do one.
For those of you who won't detox
(I can't understand why)
there are certain supplements we must get you on, call me for details.
Call any of my offices today and my team will guide you to what you need to do to have a strong immune system.

In Good Health,

Alternative Health, Inc.  

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